Sunday, 23 March 2014

Weekly Meal Plan - March 24th

Monday - Thai Red Chicken with Cherry Tomatoes
Tuesday - Baked Risotto with Lemon, Courgettes & Basil
Thursday - Freezer food as papa penguin is working away
Friday - Papa penguin will be home late so I might aet from the freezer or wait and we'll have takeaway
Saturday - Spaghetti Bolognese
Sunday - Chicken & Ham pie

Meal Planning Monday

Friday, 21 March 2014

It's only Pharyngitis!

So I've been run down all week. Sore throat kicked in Tuesday night along with a headache.  Woke up Wednesday feeling like I'd been through hell during the night but throughout the day I got worse.  By the evening I had white spots on my throat, my sore throat was preventing me from eating or drinking which meant tiredness from dehydration (however with kids I'm always tired!). I was without papa penguin and feeling sorry for myself.  

Ofsted were possibly due the next day, I was no way physically or mentally prepared so I phoned in sick! Still had my own children to look after and an 8 year old after school but it meant no other children during the day and whilst baby penguin was napping I could nap too!

Woke up Thursday feeling worse but managed to get toddler penguin to nursery.  Rang the doctors to be told fully booked and I could have a morning appointment the next day. So I continued with the paracetamol and ibuprofen every 2 hours alternating and got on with the our day as best I could (by lying on the floor whenever possible!).

So I've just got back from the doctors.  I thought I had tonsillitis but the white spots on my throat were gone this morning.  Doctor has diagnosed me with Pharyngitis and if it does improve by Monday I have a prescription for some antibiotics.  Okay I thought and came home.  And googled it.  Pharyngitis is a medical term for Sore Throat!  You can tell I don't get ill very often.  Apart from pregnancy nausea the last time I was ill (non alcohol related) was over 3 years ago when toddler penguin was a few months old.  I could barely change his nappy and had to get a friend to look after him.  

So 3 days of not being able to eat or drink without wincing it turns out I have just a sore throat!  

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

The Gallery - Adventure

TheGalleryThe theme for this weeks Gallery over at Sticky Fingers is Adventure.

My photo for this week was taken whilst I was shopping with a friend.  Papa penguin enlisted the help of his parents to look after the kids and they went on a walk to the park at the end of our road.  

There is this really amazing tree that you can climb inside.  Usually toddler penguin is the one to go inside but from the look of this photo it looks like Papi (my father in law) was the one to go inside and take a photo!

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The Gallery - Yellow

The theme for this weeks Gallery over at Sticky Fingers is Yellow.

My blog is called The Organised Penguin because I love penguins and generally am considered to be quite organised.  However it could also have been called The Organised Rubber Duck because well I have a small collection of rubber ducks.

The first picture I wish to share is of one of the larger ducks I own!  Baby penguin is about 6 months old here and the ducks head is almost the same size as her head!

The second picture I share is not of the yellow theme but it will lead us there!  Every year around Easter a village near me hold an annual duck race.  You buy your duck and have the option to personalise it.

Toddler penguin decorated his as spider duck.  He was very poorly this day but had been so eager to go.

The ducks are all put together and are judged for best duck by an adult and best by a child before being emptied into a nearby river. Can you spot spider duck (bottom basket!)

The ducks take about 15 minutes to reach the finishing line.  Last year was the first year the river had enough water.  Gosh knows what it will be like this year after all the rain we've had!

Loads of local companies support the duck race and offer prizes and all the ducks are collected from the river and the bankside and laid out for you to collect your duck (that is a mission in itself) but I love the photo below of all the ducks floating around having reached the finish line!

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The Gallery - Morning

The theme for this weeks Gallery over at Sticky Fingers is Morning.

Everyone knows what morning looks like.  Today the sun is shining and there is frost everywhere! It makes a nice change from waking up to darkness or grey skies!

This is a photo of the kids I took this morning! The kids are brushing their teeth and toddler penguin is leaning over baby penguin to spit! Lovely!