Friday, 21 March 2014

It's only Pharyngitis!

So I've been run down all week. Sore throat kicked in Tuesday night along with a headache.  Woke up Wednesday feeling like I'd been through hell during the night but throughout the day I got worse.  By the evening I had white spots on my throat, my sore throat was preventing me from eating or drinking which meant tiredness from dehydration (however with kids I'm always tired!). I was without papa penguin and feeling sorry for myself.  

Ofsted were possibly due the next day, I was no way physically or mentally prepared so I phoned in sick! Still had my own children to look after and an 8 year old after school but it meant no other children during the day and whilst baby penguin was napping I could nap too!

Woke up Thursday feeling worse but managed to get toddler penguin to nursery.  Rang the doctors to be told fully booked and I could have a morning appointment the next day. So I continued with the paracetamol and ibuprofen every 2 hours alternating and got on with the our day as best I could (by lying on the floor whenever possible!).

So I've just got back from the doctors.  I thought I had tonsillitis but the white spots on my throat were gone this morning.  Doctor has diagnosed me with Pharyngitis and if it does improve by Monday I have a prescription for some antibiotics.  Okay I thought and came home.  And googled it.  Pharyngitis is a medical term for Sore Throat!  You can tell I don't get ill very often.  Apart from pregnancy nausea the last time I was ill (non alcohol related) was over 3 years ago when toddler penguin was a few months old.  I could barely change his nappy and had to get a friend to look after him.  

So 3 days of not being able to eat or drink without wincing it turns out I have just a sore throat!  

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