Friday, 18 April 2014

Product of the Week - Tyrrell Katz Compartment Trays

These plates from Tyrrell Katz are a firm favourite in the household with my kids.

What a great way to separate food and make it a bit more fun.  The designs from Tyrrell Katz are just too cute for words.  I have quite a lot of their merchandise already and highly recommend them.

I have the Working Wheels design for toddler penguin and the Secret Garden design for baby penguin. Each tray has four compartments.  I put the meat in the large compartment (nuggets, sausages, fish fingers), carbs in the top compartment (mash, waffles, new potatoes, chips), vegetables in the circle (peas, broccoli, sweetcorn) and then dip dip in the smallest compartment.

At the end of each meal toddler penguin always points out what vehicles he can see!  Great looking item to have in your kitchen and makes mealtimes fun!

Disclaimer: This is my own personal review and I have received no payment for this post.

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