Sunday, 11 May 2014

Dinosaur party

Toddler penguin is now 4!!!! Therefore from now on as he is no longer a toddler he shall be called blue penguin and baby penguin aged 18 months will be pink penguin!

We had a dinosaur party. Thought I'd share our day….here is his invitation…

We hired a hall and as I'm not a fan of children running around on a sugar high I had some craft areas set up and I did the entertainment!  

There was make your own dinosaur foam mask and decorate dinosaur finger puppets, both of which were bought from Baker Ross. We had a decorate a dinosaur egg biscuit and have your face painted.  Luckily my neighbour and friend are handy with a paintbrush so did the face painting (think I saved about £70 there!). I also got my hands on mini dinosaur tattoos which the kids loved!

Then for party games we did pass the parcel, musical bumps and musical dinosaurs.  This involved lots of printouts of dinosaurs placed on the floor and the children have to stand on them.  When the music starts the dancing around in circles and we take one away. Bit like musical chairs but with pieces of paper! I found pass the parcel to be the most stressful, not sure I'll do that again!

For food we had way too many sandwiches!  I did for the kids cream cheese, jam and ham sarnies as well as cocktail sausages, sausage rolls and veg sticks.  The adults had egg mayo and ham sarnies and I did two quiches as well.  One from the lactofree website and a spinach, feta and tomato one which I based on this recipe but made it dairy free (free from cows milk). Of course we had lots of crisps and dips to feast on and Pimms! Kids drank small bottles of water and fruit shoots.

Now to the cake! With the help of papa penguin this is our cake we made!

Check out my pinterest board for more dinosaur ideas!

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  1. Omg Lara...your Mum looks a bit fierce in that last picture!!! You could have told her to smile!! Tehe!!