Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Getting back on track

I'm always writing lists.  I feel like I need to write things down just so I can get some satisfaction about checking them off!  

I'm trying to get my unorganised life back on track and I always cope best at doing things by making plans and writing them down. So I'm going to bore everyone by writing it straight onto my blog!  Maybe I can encourage others to become more organised!

First thing I want to concentrate on is ME TIME!  I feel like I really need it!  I'm fed up of drinking cold cups of tea!  I find I get 5 minutes so I put the kettle on!  5 boils later I might make that cup of tea.  But it will be cold by the time I drink it!  

So recently I've boiled the kettle when I've got the chance and only filled my mug up 3/4 full.  Then I've topped it up with cold water which means I can drink it straight away! I might even have a slice of cake with it as well!

I'm going to try and make 15 minutes for myself at least once a day to sit and read a magazine, surf the net or if its a nice day sit outside and stare into the blue sky.  The days when I'm childminding I'll have to wait until all mindees have gone home and then I might just put my kids in front of the television to watch 3 peppa pig episodes! Today for example my minded child left at 12.  Baby penguin is napping and toddler penguin is a bit under the weather so is watching Frozen!  I've actually given myself 30 minutes of computer time!  I have 5 minutes left and I need to do some banking!

On another note I'm off to New York at the end of the month.  No children allowed!  I'm only going for a long weekend but I so need it and I can not wait!!!!!

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