Wednesday, 7 May 2014

The Unorganised Penguin

I am an unorganised mess!

I've been really really really really busy!  

As a childminder I had a visit from Ofsted and the preparation for that took all my spare time!  Then also as a childminder I had loads of paperwork to catch up on - this seems to be never ending! I was graded Good which is a bonus and makes all the handwork worthwhile!

Papa penguin has been working an awful lot!  And I mean a lot!  Meal plans have gone out the window as I never know when he is here, if he'll make it home for dinner or if he'll eat out.

My cleaner quit so housework and ironing has been getting on top of me - or I keep up with it but lose my evenings and spare time!

It was toddler penguin's 4th birthday (trying to find time to blog about this!) and we had a party in a hall.

I'm sure everyone reaches hat point in their life when being a mum/wife/housewife takes its toll on you and you realise you have no time for yourself!

So what can I do about it?

Well I'm in the process of reorganising everything.  Papa penguin isn't working this weekend (apart from when the kids are in bed) so he is taking the kids out Saturday morning so I can blitz the house!  I'm also trying to organise my days better!  

With everything above I feel like I haven't had time to blog.  Feeling unorganised means I haven't had much motivation. 

The Organised Penguin has gone into hiding and it hoping to make an appearance soon!!!!!

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  1. It sounds a little crazy for you at the moment! I hope everything sorts it's self out soon....