Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Puff Pastry Pinwheels

Tonight I made these Pizza Puff Pinwheels for two 4 year olds, a 23 month old and a 13 month old…..oh and for me!

The original recipe can be found on the BBC Good Food website and the only thing I did differently was a whole 500g slab of Jus Rol pastry cut into half then one half cut into two.  One for blue penguin to roll out and one for pink penguin.

I then spread a spoonful of tomato concentrate from a jar onto the pastry and covered it with layer of wafer thin ham slices. Finally a sprinkle of mixed herbs and some cheddar cheese. We rolled them up like swiss rolls and put them in the fridge for 10 minutes on a chopping board.  Out the fridge, sliced the pastry log into inch sized pieces and placed onto a greased baking tray.  Into the oven for about half an hour until golden brown.  Served them with carrot and cucumber sticks.

These were yummy and enjoyed by all.  Papa penguin is annoyed there weren't any left for him when he wandered through the door at 9pm!

Monday, 29 September 2014

Dairy Free Meringue Ice Cream with Chocolate Sauce

As I've mentioned dairy products (specifically cows produce) do not agree with me.

This recipe is based on Nigella's Meringue Gelato Cake which I have adapted a bit to make it dairy free.

Firstly for the Meringue Ice Cream Cake line a 450g loaf tin (mine is silicone) with clingfilm, making sure you have enough overhang to cover the top later. Whip a carton of Lactofree Cream until thick (this can take nearly 5-10 minutes). Chop 30 grams of dark chocolate very finely so that you have a pile of splinters, and fold them into the cream, along with 1 tablespoon of kahula. Place 100 grams of shop bought meringues in a zip lock bag and gently bash with a rolling pin to break them up. Fold these in, too.
Pack this mixture into the prepared loaf tin, pressing it down with a spatula as you go, and bring the clingfilm up and over to seal the top. Place in freezer until set, which should take around 8 hours, or overnight.
For the Chocolate Sauce finely chop 125 grams of dark chocolate and then pour a carton of Lactofree Cream into a saucepan over a gentle head. Add the tiny bits of chocolate and whisk until the chocolate melts, taking the pan off the heat once the chocolate is almost all melted (takes about 2 minutes). Add 2 tablespoons of kahula and continue to whisk. Pour into a jug, whisking every now and again until it cools to just subtly warm.
To serve, take the loaf tin out of the freezer and unpeel the top and use these bits of long overhanging wrap to lift out the ice-cream brick. Unwrap and unmould it onto a long serving plate and cut the frozen meringue cake into slabs to serve. I like to zig-zag a little chocolate sauce over each slice, and sprinkle a few raspberries alongside on each plate.
Store the chocolate sauce in the fridge and make sure the meringue ice cream goes back into the freezer.  I like to take a clean teaspoon to the fridge every now and then and help myself to a spoonful of chocolate!  Delish!

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Weekly Meal Plan

Getting back into the swing of things with publishing my weekly meal plan.

My dinners planned this week are mainly for the kids (I'm a childminder so have a lot of mouths to feed). Hubbie will either be working away some night this week or possible working late.  I'm just not entirely sure so I'll eat with the kids and he has agreed that if we have any leftovers he will eat them or if he gets home too late he will just have some toast.

So here is my ipad screenshot of this weeks meal plan:

For those that can't view the image this is how my evening meals are planned for this week:
Monday: Kids Roast Chicken Breasts, Roast potatoes and Green beans
Adults Same as the kids
Tuesday: Kids Pizza Puff Pinwheels

Grown ups Same as the kids
Wednesday: Kids Lasagne - made dairy free
Grown ups Same as the kids
Thursday: Kids Fish fingers, Waffles & Spaghetti Hoops
Grown ups Either pasta with frozen homemade pesto or something from the freezer
Friday: Kids Red Thai Chicken Curry, Naan and Rice

Grown ups Same as the kids!
Saturday: Whole family Steak Casserole with Pie Topper

Pudding Peach Melba
Sunday: Whole family Slow cooked pulled pork, roast potatoes, caramelised carrots

Pudding Left over peach melba or yoghurts

Meal Planning Monday

Monday, 22 September 2014

Weekly Meal Plan

Wow I haven't posted a meal plan in a very very very long time.  I have still been meal planning, just not publicly!  And maybe going into a bit more detail than others!

I use an iPad app called Menu Planner developed by InnovaDev.  To go into details about this is a whole other post, but for now I'll just let you know that my main reasons are for using it is that I can duplicate meal plans, add recipes from the internet or my own and add items to a shopping basket so it allows me to easily update my shopping list for my online grocery shop.

So some of you may know that I am a childminder and including my own children I have 6 kiddies that need feedings.  I have set up a two week rolling menu plan for lunches, dinners and after school snacks and I'll elaborate on this at some point.

In my app view this is my detailed weekly meal plan.

For those that can't view the image this is how my evening meals are planned for this week:
Monday: Kids Chicken and Ham Pie (left over from the weekend)
Adults Creamy ham, leek & mushroom spaghetti
Tuesday: Kids Pasta with tomato sauce

Grown ups Leftovers out of the freezer
Wednesday: Kids Salmon, new potatoes and peas
Grown ups Leftovers out of the freezer again - our freezer is full of chilli, spag bol, risotto
Thursday: Kids Chicken Nuggets, Waffles & Sweetcorn
Grown ups I'm out for papa penguin can help himself to the freezer
Friday: Kids Chicken Korma and Rice

Grown ups Same as the kids!

Meal Planning Monday

Saturday, 20 September 2014

I miss blogging!

I can't believe I haven't blogged for nearly 4 months!  I think about my blog every day and before I know it, its bedtime and another day has passed and I'm exhausted!

As I look back through a couple of my previous posts they are all focused on having no me time and feeling pretty unorganised.  Lets just way if I managed to have a cup of tea during the day I appreciate that as my me time and I'm certainly feeling a lot more organised!

So where have I been…..nowhere is the answer!  The summer holidays flew by. I'm now childminding practically full time and the paperwork has been piling up just as I think I'm on top of it a new legislation comes out and I've got to update everything. Papa penguin has been working working working!  He works an awful lot!  Some weeks its really stressful on both parts and others its great when a whole weekend goes by that he doesn't have to take a call (thats very rare!). 

Blue penguin (aged 4.5) has just started school and pink penguin (nearly 2) is certainly keeping me on my toes. She can be the funniest little girl one minute but a second later throwing a little tantrum as she enters the terrible twos!

First day of school for blue penguin

I've been busy cooking yummy meals and posting pictures on my Instagram and Pinterest accounts.  I hope to be able to back these up with recipes soon.

Who knows when I'll blog next, I know I'll get into a routine soon but for now here I am with some time to spare and a little catch up.