Saturday, 20 September 2014

I miss blogging!

I can't believe I haven't blogged for nearly 4 months!  I think about my blog every day and before I know it, its bedtime and another day has passed and I'm exhausted!

As I look back through a couple of my previous posts they are all focused on having no me time and feeling pretty unorganised.  Lets just way if I managed to have a cup of tea during the day I appreciate that as my me time and I'm certainly feeling a lot more organised!

So where have I been…..nowhere is the answer!  The summer holidays flew by. I'm now childminding practically full time and the paperwork has been piling up just as I think I'm on top of it a new legislation comes out and I've got to update everything. Papa penguin has been working working working!  He works an awful lot!  Some weeks its really stressful on both parts and others its great when a whole weekend goes by that he doesn't have to take a call (thats very rare!). 

Blue penguin (aged 4.5) has just started school and pink penguin (nearly 2) is certainly keeping me on my toes. She can be the funniest little girl one minute but a second later throwing a little tantrum as she enters the terrible twos!

First day of school for blue penguin

I've been busy cooking yummy meals and posting pictures on my Instagram and Pinterest accounts.  I hope to be able to back these up with recipes soon.

Who knows when I'll blog next, I know I'll get into a routine soon but for now here I am with some time to spare and a little catch up.

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