Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday

Wow I can't believe our baby girl just turned 2!  Looking back at last year's blog post on her birthday she has changed so much. Sadly no close ups as she got chicken pox for her birthday :(

Her birthday was on the Thursday, so we took blue penguin to school then went and fed the ducks before heading home.  Originally we had planned to take her to her favourite monkey music class, the head to a park before stopping off at a nice pub for lunch then going for a walk in the woods.  However due to still being contagious we couldn't do much. An email went out to guests of the planned party informing them the party would still go ahead on the saturday and we'd still like them there but would understand if they didn't want to make it.

We had a good turn out and little pink penguin was a very spoilt albeit spotty little girl!

So the theme for this year was peppa pig. I made a 10 inch cake and stacked it and stressfully covered it with yellow icing.  The cake had an almond flavouring with red cherry jam and almond buttercream.  It was yummy!  Whilst I made the house, papa penguin and grandma got on youtube and found some peppa pig fondant tutorials and made the ever so well known Peppa Pig, George Pig, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig along with some ducks and George's dinosaur.  I should mention that blue penguin aged 4.5 year olds made the ducks and did an amazing job!

We put two pork shoulder joints in the oven at 10am and they were slow cooked in a Goan spices marinated overnight by Grandma.  I also made two quiches; a Roasted Tomato and Goats Cheese quiche and a Bacon and Spring Onion quiche - both made dairy free using lactofree ingredients. Also on the menu were pinwheel wraps filled with salmon, cream cheese, egg mayo and one with ham and grated cucumber. We only had cake for pudding and a cheese board as I ran out of time to make anything else.  The day before was mainly spent on the sofa with pink penguin giving her cuddles.

Time to start planning next years?  Not yet but I have a few ideas in mind!

One spot, two spot, three spot, four.....

....five spot, six spot, seven spot more!!!!!

We've had the chicken pox in our house!  Poor blue penguin got it first about three weeks ago. Went to bed with one spot under his bottom and woke up the Saturday morning with about 20 more.  By that evening he had over a hundred pus filled spots!  Sunday a lot more and Monday they started crusting over.  He was back at school on the Thursday.  He coped so well with only a bit of moaning around bed time.  We were originally housebound and going insane when pink penguin decided to fall off a chair in the dining room and splat onto the floor tiles.  We ended up at a&e and were quarantined! Had the all clear and also glad to get some semi fresh air for the day!

A week later and pink penguin got a spot on her belly. Then a bath time a lot more were noticed in her nappy area.  Poor thing suffered really badly over the next few days, including her 2nd birthday which was her worst day.  We had a literally a sleepless night.  She watched peppa pig on the iPad for about 4 hours straight! The next day she was a lot perkier so we went ahead with her birthday bash over the weekend.

Three weeks from the first spot and blue penguin's spots have finally disappeared.  If you look really closely you can see a few small marks but you do need a magnifying glass.  Pink penguin still isn't back to her gorgeous self and I think as she had some massive spots on her head and belly she may scar. Fingers crossed she won't.

And how did papa penguin help?  By drawing spots on one of the ducks on her birthday cake!

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Weekly Meal Plan

Finally its half term!  With this being blue penguin's first year at school and the last 7 weeks have gone so slow! So with it being half term I have 3 less children to look after, my own kids and a 15 month old just three days this week.

So I'm going to go against my organised life and wing it this week!  No picture from my iPad menu planner app to show you but I have a few ideas and am going to get a sainburys shop later in the week. We popped to Lidl today to see us through the next few days.

Monday:Whole familyPizza Puff Pinwheels with salad

Tuesday:Whole familyFish Pie

Wednesday:KidsMini Toad in the Hole's
Grown upsNot so mini toad in the holes
Thursday:KidsFish fingers, mash & Peas
Grown upsI'm out so papa penguin can find something in the freezer 
Friday:KidsAre at a Halloween party so may well not need anything

Grown upsHealth stir fry
Saturday:Whole familySpring Chicken with homemade bread rolls

PuddingFruit and yoghurts
Sunday:Whole familyAnother Halloween party 


Meal Planning Monday

Monday, 20 October 2014

Weekly Meal Plan

We've had chicken pox in the house for the last two weeks.  Round one was blue penguin who coped with it really well.  Round two was pink penguin who suffered so much more! Neither had an appetite so we had lots of wasted food and went through a lot of bowls of cereal as it seemed to be the only thing I could get them to eat.  Both still have spots but they are on the mend!

So here is my ipad screenshot of this weeks meal plan: 

For those that can't view the image this is how my evening meals are planned for this week:
Monday:KidsBowtie Pasta with Chicken - Annabel Karmel recipe
AdultsI had mincey dinner leftovers from the weekend.  Papa penguin is working late :(
Tuesday:KidsPasta with a tomato sauce which I batch make and freeze in ice cube portions

Grown upsParents evening so we might get a takeaway!
Wednesday:KidsFish fingers or something else impromptu as I'm not feeding any other children
Grown upsChicken Tikka Masala with rice and Naan
Thursday:KidsNuggets, Potato footballs (from tesco) & Spaghetti Hoops
Grown upsChilli con carne and rice 
Friday:KidsRed Thai Chicken Curry with Cherry Tomatoes, Naan and Rice

Grown upsSame as the kids!
Saturday:Whole familyFish Pie

PuddingApple & Blackberry Crumble
Sunday:Whole familySausage& Mash

PuddingLeft over crumble or yoghurts

Meal Planning Monday