Tuesday, 28 October 2014

One spot, two spot, three spot, four.....

....five spot, six spot, seven spot more!!!!!

We've had the chicken pox in our house!  Poor blue penguin got it first about three weeks ago. Went to bed with one spot under his bottom and woke up the Saturday morning with about 20 more.  By that evening he had over a hundred pus filled spots!  Sunday a lot more and Monday they started crusting over.  He was back at school on the Thursday.  He coped so well with only a bit of moaning around bed time.  We were originally housebound and going insane when pink penguin decided to fall off a chair in the dining room and splat onto the floor tiles.  We ended up at a&e and were quarantined! Had the all clear and also glad to get some semi fresh air for the day!

A week later and pink penguin got a spot on her belly. Then a bath time a lot more were noticed in her nappy area.  Poor thing suffered really badly over the next few days, including her 2nd birthday which was her worst day.  We had a literally a sleepless night.  She watched peppa pig on the iPad for about 4 hours straight! The next day she was a lot perkier so we went ahead with her birthday bash over the weekend.

Three weeks from the first spot and blue penguin's spots have finally disappeared.  If you look really closely you can see a few small marks but you do need a magnifying glass.  Pink penguin still isn't back to her gorgeous self and I think as she had some massive spots on her head and belly she may scar. Fingers crossed she won't.

And how did papa penguin help?  By drawing spots on one of the ducks on her birthday cake!

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