Monday, 20 October 2014

Weekly Meal Plan

We've had chicken pox in the house for the last two weeks.  Round one was blue penguin who coped with it really well.  Round two was pink penguin who suffered so much more! Neither had an appetite so we had lots of wasted food and went through a lot of bowls of cereal as it seemed to be the only thing I could get them to eat.  Both still have spots but they are on the mend!

So here is my ipad screenshot of this weeks meal plan: 

For those that can't view the image this is how my evening meals are planned for this week:
Monday:KidsBowtie Pasta with Chicken - Annabel Karmel recipe
AdultsI had mincey dinner leftovers from the weekend.  Papa penguin is working late :(
Tuesday:KidsPasta with a tomato sauce which I batch make and freeze in ice cube portions

Grown upsParents evening so we might get a takeaway!
Wednesday:KidsFish fingers or something else impromptu as I'm not feeding any other children
Grown upsChicken Tikka Masala with rice and Naan
Thursday:KidsNuggets, Potato footballs (from tesco) & Spaghetti Hoops
Grown upsChilli con carne and rice 
Friday:KidsRed Thai Chicken Curry with Cherry Tomatoes, Naan and Rice

Grown upsSame as the kids!
Saturday:Whole familyFish Pie

PuddingApple & Blackberry Crumble
Sunday:Whole familySausage& Mash

PuddingLeft over crumble or yoghurts

Meal Planning Monday

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