Sunday, 4 January 2015

A look back at 2014

In January we sadly lost my grandad just two days after his 88th birthday.  We were lucky to have an amazing Christmas with him and on January 4th his birthday he celebrated at home with my mum and she in turn celebrated her birthday on the 5th.  He died the following day. He is now at peace with my Gran.

Later that month we visited Epsom Downs racecourse on a very cold and muddy day and pink penguin at 15 months experienced her first muddy puddles!

In February I bought the kids their first matching outfits, I'm lucky that they even nearly a year later they still love to be matching! This month we also had the worst winds in a very long while and visited a fallen down tree at Polesden Lacey. Albeit they were friends kids but this month I took on my first under 5 childminding kids two different days a week. So I started getting more crafty and inventive with the kids turning my home into an almost nursery! It was also this month that I went from having my normal boring straight long hair to having layers. Don't think I'll ever go back!

Looking back at photos in March I've noticed that this is when blue penguin and pink penguin started playing together.  We visited Chartwell House with friends and baked with Grandma.

In April with Spring round the corner we started to spend more time in the garden (annoying the neighbours) and in outdoor places. and we took part in the easter egg hunt at Polesden Lacey. We also celebrated blue penguin 4th birthday.  He had a dinosaur party - the first of many hall parties I'm sure to come!

In May we went to Peppa Pig world.  It was an amazing day out and I can't wait to go again!

Also in May I went without the kids and papa penguin to New York to visit my friend who had been working out there. It was amazing to take a few days away from family life and just be myself.  I read two books on the plane, even did some crochet and although jet lagged I enjoyed my peaceful lie ins. Seeing the twin towers memorial was amazing and the views from the top of the rock were breathtaking. We caught the broadway show Matilda and I had a day to myself where I walked around Central Park, had a massage at Bliss Spa and did some shopping!

In June we went to Turunc near Marmaris in Turkey with papa penguin's aunt and uncle. To say it was hot is an understatement.  The kids were only happy when wet, in an air conditioned room or eating ice cream but they still had a great time.  We did too.  Best buy of the holiday was a water pistol which kept us cool and the best night we had was the wedding of friends we went to on our last night.

In July we bought a new car, a 7 seater Volvo XC90.  My chelsea tractor!  Its huge and I'm rubbish at parking it but I needed a big car for childminding and papa penguin isn't a fan of people we compromised!  We visited the inlaws in Wiltshire and went to Coate Water Country Park. Later this month I took on my first real mindee aged 11 months old which I got through advertising. I bought pink penguin a scooter and three months later she still can't scoot! I also got very crafty this month and made pink penguin a hair clip holder.

In July we also celebrate papa penguin uncles 70th by spending the day on a canal boat.

In August we had a long weekend away in Bath with friends. Attended a wedding and I had my nails shelac'd for the first time!  No going back!

In September blue penguin started school. I can't believe how quick he learnt to read and put sounds together. It was this month that I said goodbye to my friends kids that I looked after and said hello to three more. Two schoolers and a two year old.  This took me to having 6 kids including my own in total.  During this month we visited a Crocodile Zoo whilst visiting the inlaws and had a family trip to Littlehampton, a lovely seaside town, and built a big sandcastle.

In October blue penguin got chicken pox and two weeks later two days before her second birthday pink penguin got it as well.  She still had her Peppa Pig party.  Shame she was just a bit spotty! In October we also visited the poppies at the Tower of London, an amazing day. With Halloween around the corner we did lots of crafts and blue penguin got fitted for glasses to correct a squint.

November was pretty quiet.  Blue penguin started martial arts after school and pink penguin gave up her afternoon sleep at home but will still pass out on the school run! It was a very wet month so we found lots of muddy puddles!

Finally end of the year, December! We visited Santa, did lots of crafts, opened presents, ate lots, hugged family members and enjoyed ourselves.  Its been a great year!

Happy New Year!

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