Saturday, 10 January 2015

A week done and dusted

I'm amazed at how quick this week has gone.  

Blue penguin went back to school on Monday and I went back to childminding after two weeks off. The kids all settled really well into routine on Monday morning and blue penguin plus my two school aged mindees happily went to school practically running there.  Pink penguin (who only woke up 5 minutes before leaving for the school run) and my other two mindees, aged one and two, went along with it all and we decided to stay home and all get to know each other again and reacquaint ourselves with all the new toys. 

Tuesday again was a surprisingly easy morning and we got back into our routine with the young ones of playgroup in the morning, home for lunch, nap time then school run.  However Tuesday evening it was as though pink penguin had realised that erm hold on I'm having to not only share my toys again after two weeks of having them to myself but also my brother is no longer playing with me and I'm having to share my mummy! At one point I had all three little ones on me fighting for cuddles.  The other two young mindees may have also realised that they weren't spending every day with their mummy but me instead so were using me as a substitute!  Its nice to feel loved!

Wednesday both my children were still asleep when my first mindee turned up at 730am.  I sadly had to wake them shortly after which meant two very grumpy children on the school run was not fun, luckily my other mindees were really well behaved!  Bathtime from Wednesday got worse and worse throughout the week with blue penguin.  I guess tiredness was to blame.

Thursdays (my day with just pink penguin) was a great day.  Took my son and a mindee to school, visited the ducks, went to the bank, took car in for repair (more expense), came home, played, looked through bathroom catalogues, played,  had lunch, watched peppa pig, read a couple of "Thats not my..." books, watched more peppa pig (I nanna napped!) tidied up, got the boys from school, went to martial arts, came home, had dinner, bathtime (very stressful), kids in bed, made dinner, me glass of wine.....fell asleep on sofa!

Friday came around so quick that I don't really remember what we did.  Picked up car, caught up with an old friend and her baby which was the best part of the day. After school took pink penguinblue penguin and the other two mindees of similar ages to our local play barn with friends and for two hours they ran around like I guess children in a play barn do. I don't know where they get their energy from. I surely couldn't keep up with them when I had to go inside and climb the soft play cages to help pink penguin get to the big red slide she wanted to go down!

Fingers crossed next week goes just as quick!

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