Thursday, 8 January 2015

Reasons to be Cheerful

Wow can you believe its been a year since my last reasons to be cheerful post. I would write here a years worth or reasons to be cheerful but I don't want to bore you!  Lets just say I'm pretty happy with life right now!

Blue penguin started school in September and the teacher has told us he is doing great.  Its amazing how quick he learnt to read and spell not only the words in front of him but work out how words sound and then spell them out. However a favourite of ours is daddy spelt d-a-d-e!  He has also adjusted really well to having to wear glasses to help with a squint.  

Pink penguin now aged 2 years and nearly 3 months doesn't stop talking, is on the 95th percentile on the height chart and although not potty trained yet often gets mistaken for being nearly 3!  She can be a right little madam at times but has a real sweet caring nature about her.

Work wise, papa penguin is doing so well that we rarely see him.  He works long hours either at the office during the day or on his laptop in the evenings and puts a lot of effort into it.  Apparently yesterday in front of 400 people he got a mention with 3 others in a big hot top directors speech. He said he was a bit embarrassed but it felt nice to be appreciated!

Work wise for me childminding is going well, I have my own two kids, two others before and after school one of which is every day and the other just a few. Then I have 2 year old and a 1 year old three days a week and every other Friday. I spend Thursday's just me and pink penguin.  My favourite day of the week.

Today pink penguin and I have been bathroom and tile shopping as we will be having a loft extension done this year, hopefully sooner rather than later!  Feel free to check out my pin board on pinterest! Boring for some I know!

So thats pretty much my update of life!  I can't believe Christmas was 2 weeks ago, its gone really quick.  I guess before we know it, it will be Christmas all over again!


  1. Welcome back!! I can't believe it's been a year. Everything seems to be going well for you right now, enjoy it, you deserve it xx

  2. Glad you are back! So glad Blue P is doing well at school and that your OH is being appreciated at work