Thursday, 15 January 2015

Reasons to be Cheerful

Monday morning, I'm taking 6 children to school and my double buggy front wheel snaps off as I'm crossing the road.  I have to practically lift and drag the buggy to the pavement pulling a stomach muscle and keep the kids all together as I assess the problem.  I'm stranded and can not move. Panic stations start to kick in.

Then two parents that I recognise from the playground stop to help me.  We get the young ones out of the buggy, I hold their hands. The older ones walk in front keeping close to me.  A kind mum takes pink penguins' hand and the dad drags my buggy the 15 minute walk to school. 

Why does this make me cheerful.  Because although it can all go wrong there is always someone that can help, you've just got to ask for it!

Boy was I grateful that they stopped to help me, I don't quite know what I would have done! So now I'm having to drive to school which if fine in the morning but it means leaving home earlier than normal so I can get a parking space near the school. The buggy company have already picked up my buggy and I am hoping it will be repaired or replaced asap!

We cleared out a fair bit of the loft over the weekend in preparation for our loft extension that we are planning to get over the next few months.  Builders have been instructed, drawings have been this space!

Pink penguin had her 2 year progress check today aged 27 months.  Being a childminder I know at what development she should be at and I know that she is exceeding the EYFS curriculum.  I however wanted to hear someone else say it!  She may not yet be potty trained but her speech is fantastic, she can count and she knows most of her colours.  Okay I'm bragging but I'm allowed!  This is my blog!  

And my final reason is that this evening blue penguin read this book called Billy the Kid.  He READ a book!  A whole book!  He is 4 years old and started school in September.  I am one super proud mummy!


  1. Wow super impressed with blue penguin's reading! Well done to pink p as well. The other parents sounded lovely to rescue you

  2. It always makes me cheerful when the goodness of people shine through. Good on them for stopping and helping. Well done your children! Blinking right you should brag, be proud lady xx

  3. Love your pride in your very beautiful children. Also reminded me of things that happened when mine were much smaller which is always nice. The potty training will sort itself in its own time. My little girl took ages. Asking for help is strong and it is a shame really that it takes something bad happening sometimes to see the best in people show up