Sunday, 25 January 2015

Weekly Meal Plan January 26th

Well I'm almost organised. I've now decided that I'm going to have a 4 week rolling menu for dinners and a two week rolling menu for lunches.  I'm hoping it will keep everyone happy.  I'd like to get more varied with puddings and I had planned to do mid week mini apple crumbles a few times but I just find it difficult to find the time to make them when I'm already making dinners and cakes whilst the little ones nap.

So here is my ipad screenshot of this weeks meal plan: 

For those that can't view the image this is how my evening meals are planned for this week:
Monday:KidsSlow cooker chicken curry - recipe recommended by a friend!
AdultsSame as the kids
Tuesday:KidsPizza and peas/carrots

Grown upsFreezer food. We'll probably have the chilli from last week. 
Wednesday:KidsNuggets, waffles, peas and sweetcorn
Grown ups
Freezer food - papa penguin doesn't think he'll make it home
Thursday:KidsThis is our after school martial arts night so pasta
Grown upsUndecided as it is the night before papa penguin goes away for a few days
Friday:KidsChicken Korma

Grown upsMy mum will be staying for a few days so hopefully we'll eat with the kids

The weekend is yet a bit up in the air.  My mum will be staying, we are seeing extended family on Saturday so might be out for dinner.  I have sainsburys come twice a week, Mondays and Thursday so I think I'll decide later on in the week!

Meal Planning Monday

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