Sunday, 14 June 2015

Potty Training

We are potty training pink penguin! It was papa penguin's idea not mine surprisingly! 

A few months ago we dug out the potty, she had a play with it, mainly putting dolly on it. We asked her to sit on it but she never did.  Then at bath time she started to ask to sit on the toilet before bath.  She did this for about a month, only once doing a wee. She would sit on it and read a book. Then she kind of lost interest.  I did too.

Then three weekends ago on the Saturday we knew we weren't going any where for the day so we put a loose dress on her and some comfy leggings and let her choose her knickers.  By 9am she had wet herself twice.  I was ready to give up but all of a sudden she just kinda got it.  She'd be running around the garden, then stop and ask to use the toilet.  It had to be the toilet and not the potty.  We struggled to get her in her nappy at bed time.  On Sunday it all went to pot!  She pooped herself twice by midday, countless wet knickers and we gave up! Monday I had forgotten about it and naturally put her back in nappies.

On Tuesday we went to our normal playgroup, got home just before lunch, changed her nappy and she refused to put it back on. So I went with the flow and gave her some knickers to wear.  10 minutes later she asked to use the toilet.  I lost track of time after that and we did the school run nappy free. I had completely forgot to put her in a nappy until we were pulling up on the driveway and she said out loud that she needed a wee wee.  Amazing!  Apart from night time she hasn't been in a nappy since. One Wednesday I packed her a little back pack of spare clothes and she so proudly carried it on the walk to blue penguin's school.

Now its not all going smoothly.  She has had one wee accident in the car during a deep sleep and she can't see to make it to the toilet for number twos.  BUT she is waking up dry, waking us in the night to use the toilet (as annoying and sleep depriving as it is!) and we even managed a trip up to London and back with no accidents.  Thank goodness for the travel potty's! 

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Weekly Meal Plan June 8th

Last Friday I made chilli con carne for all the kids.  I can't believe how well it went down with the tortilla chips.  I had ages 13 months, 22 months, 2½ years and two 5 year olds. Bowls were scrapped! I really want to get the family into more clean and lean meals but for now I'm sticking to just me and papa penguin.

Here is my ipad screenshot of my menu planner app of this weeks meal plan: 

For those that can't view the image this is how my evening meals are planned for this week:
AdultsClean & Lean - Spelt Risotto with butternut squash
Tuesday:KidsFish Fingers, spaghetti hoops and new potatoes

Grown upsI'm having stir fry veg and prawns as papa penguin is away 
Wednesday:KidsSpaghetti bolognese
Grown ups
Homemade Gluten free pizza - recipe here
Thursday:KidsThis is our after school martial arts night so quick pasta and homemade sauce from the freezer
Grown upsJacket potatoes - papa penguin will have beans and cheese.  I'll have salad and a small spoonful of beans.
Friday:KidsSalmon, potatoes & veg - last month this didn't go down well.

Grown upsSmoked Salmon and Spinach wholewheat pasta
Saturday:LunchLunch bits - selection of ham, cheeses and cruditees 

Chilli con carne leftovers from freezer as kids will be eating at a kids party
Sunday:LunchSpaghetti Primavera

DinnerCottage pie and Salad

Monday, 1 June 2015

Cars Party

At the end of April we celebrated blue penguin turning 5. Then at the beginning of May he had a hall party down the road with a cars theme! Pink penguin is now aged 2.5 years.  Where has the time gone! 

With 38 children invited I knew it could get a bit mental but didn't want to fork out for an entertainer. I think the party went well without one.

Here's a peek into our day starting with his invitation:

We had some great space to use up in the hall.  So I ordered this road tape from amazon which covered a vast majority of the floor.  Papa penguins dad build a ramp for the kids to race cars on.  This was a massive success!  We took all our disney cars die cast vehicles (78 in total) and a toy garage. Also a great success.  I set up two tables, one with biscuit decorating and another with disney car tattoos from ebay. We ended up running out of the write on icing and having to send someone home to get icing sugar and food colourings!

I had party games planned and even put music on to get the kids going but they were having so much fun just playing.  Some times you don't ned to intervene and just let them get on.  Go with the flow!

As usual I was up the night before till ridiculously late making his cake which I think turned out great with the help of papa penguin and my mother! I have a great stock of those colourful ikea plates which come in handy for party's and kids were served ham, jam or cheese sandwiches, a selection of cocktail sausages and crips and a few bowls of cucumber and carrots were shared out.  There was a cupcake for everyone for pudding and fruit shoots or small bottles of water.  Adults had pimms, coffee and garlic bread!

At the end of the day blue penguin said his favourite part of the day was opening all his presents (he was one lucky spoilt boy) and the worst part was all the food because he ate too much and felt sick after!