Monday, 1 June 2015

Cars Party

At the end of April we celebrated blue penguin turning 5. Then at the beginning of May he had a hall party down the road with a cars theme! Pink penguin is now aged 2.5 years.  Where has the time gone! 

With 38 children invited I knew it could get a bit mental but didn't want to fork out for an entertainer. I think the party went well without one.

Here's a peek into our day starting with his invitation:

We had some great space to use up in the hall.  So I ordered this road tape from amazon which covered a vast majority of the floor.  Papa penguins dad build a ramp for the kids to race cars on.  This was a massive success!  We took all our disney cars die cast vehicles (78 in total) and a toy garage. Also a great success.  I set up two tables, one with biscuit decorating and another with disney car tattoos from ebay. We ended up running out of the write on icing and having to send someone home to get icing sugar and food colourings!

I had party games planned and even put music on to get the kids going but they were having so much fun just playing.  Some times you don't ned to intervene and just let them get on.  Go with the flow!

As usual I was up the night before till ridiculously late making his cake which I think turned out great with the help of papa penguin and my mother! I have a great stock of those colourful ikea plates which come in handy for party's and kids were served ham, jam or cheese sandwiches, a selection of cocktail sausages and crips and a few bowls of cucumber and carrots were shared out.  There was a cupcake for everyone for pudding and fruit shoots or small bottles of water.  Adults had pimms, coffee and garlic bread!

At the end of the day blue penguin said his favourite part of the day was opening all his presents (he was one lucky spoilt boy) and the worst part was all the food because he ate too much and felt sick after!

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