Thursday, 17 September 2015

Where have I been?

When life gets busy I'm afraid its my blog that suffers!  I haven't forgotten about it, in fact I think about things I could write every day.  Its just I never find the time to do it.

I work four long days childminding from 730am to 615pm.  With no decent lunch break and no time to myself, my evenings are spent getting the kids ready for bed, washing, ironing, cleaning (I do have a cleaner that comes once a week so won't moan too much there) and getting the house ready for the next day.

However as I write pink penguin is currently at nursery/preschool. She will be going two mornings a week. Therefore I have one morning, 3 hours a week to myself!  I have spent this morning doing two wash loads,  tidying the house ready for the cleaner to clean and sorting bills and finances....or lack of!

Maybe I'll start to find the time to blog more now I have a bit more freedom!  Watch this space!

Blue penguin back and school, pink penguins first day at nursery!

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