Thursday, 1 October 2015

My Thursday...

It is Thursday again.  It is that time of the week where I have no kids. Yes no kids!  Pink penguin is at nursery again this morning.  She has been going two mornings a week and loving it.  She does ask every time if I'm going to come with her but I tell her its only for children and grown ups aren't allowed. She seems to accept that.

So what have I been doing.  Last week I was a bit under the weather and also very unorganised.  I had my cleaner due in the afternoon so spent the morning drink herbal tea and tidying up.  Yes I tidy for the cleaner.

Today I have fitted a radiator in our loft shower room.  Yes I fitted it.  Me.  A woman.  I'm super proud as I've been waiting for the original plumbers to come back and do it for over a month now but we had to wait for a valve and that took ages and I guess I got fed up of waiting so I did it myself! The shower screen was finally fitted yesterday. Have to wait for the silicone to dry but it looks as though we can use it from this evening! 

I have also done my weekly towel wash and swept the driveway.  We had a plasterer here yesterday plastering the kids bedroom ceiling as there is a bit of plasterer dust outside along with lots of autumn leaves. Hoping to get stuck in with painting this weekend.  So now I'm off to strip the remnants of wallpaper left in their bedroom.