Saturday, 28 January 2017

Science Museum

We were due to meet our friends Sarah and George in London for lunch on Saturday and with train maintenance works we were restricted to where we could go.  We decided to go to South Kensington as its easy to get to from Wimbledon and to make the most of the day we thought we'd visit the Science Museum first.

Isaac and Olivia love getting the train! And were super excited to get a tube train, however this one didn't really go under ground :(

We got to the Science Museum shortly after 10am and although we had to queue it wasn't that bad.  

We were on the look out for Tim Peaks' spaceship and thought this was it!

However we soon found it.  Impressive how small the capsule is compared to the parachute!

Exploring all the computers was good fun for the kids....James too.

This cross section of an aeroplane was impressive to see how thin the carcass is!

Looking at the old phones was interesting.  I could see a few I used to own too!

We managed to avoid any rain all day, came home to see hail stones everywhere!

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