Friday, 24 February 2017

First lost tooth

After 11 days of wobbliness Isaac woke up this morning with a gap. His tooth came out in his sleep and he can't find it anywhere! He has looked all through his duvet and we've come to the conclusion that he swallowed it!

Isaac thinks he can feel it in his throat! However he is excited that the tooth fairy might visit however we are off to the inlaws tonight so I hope they find us!

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Half term - Hobbledown

Making use of our annual passes to Hobbledown (though I'm sure they are due to expire) we met up with friends and enjoyed our morning slot in the playbarn and then ventured outside for packed lunches and outdoor sand play.

Isaac was so excited to spend the day with his best friend A.

The both enjoyed climbing and testing their limits as to how high they could go!

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Half term - playground

On Tuesday Isaac went to Alex's house so I took Olivia and Shaylan to soft play.  They had great fun on the bouncy castle and making friends to play hide and seek with,

After soft play we ran across the field to the playground. Another lovely sunny day. It's been too cold recently to really enjoy the outdoors.

Monday, 13 February 2017


Day one of half term and we visited Wisley. Just the kids and I. They had the butterflies in the green house. It was great that they were flying free around us, landing on the gorgeous plants and flowers for us to get an up close look at.

Isaac and Olivia said they wanted to touch the butterflies, but apart from it not being allowed, they got a little scared when they came close.

Stationed around the glasshouse were tables of fruit for the butterflies to land on and munch away.

The butterflies were stunning. All had different patterns and colours in their wings.

Olivia couldn't believe how big this butterfly was. She didn't want to get too close though.

As we walked down some steps we saw this butterfly on the wall. I asked Isaac how close would he go to it...

We ventured out into the sunshine to the play area. Isaac loves climbing trees at the moment.

Selfie in the sun!

Great fun making dens. Had to be very careful not to get anyone with hebig long sticks.

Inside the activity center

Trying to smile in the bright sunshine

Lunch time. Bit pricey but they ate well. Packed lunch for he rest of the week!

Enjoying her biscuit