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My name is Lara, I'm 34 and I am a wife to hubby (papa penguin) and mother to our gorgeous son (master penguin) who is 6 years old and our adorable little girl (miss penguin) who is 4.  

We live in a leafy town in Surrey.  Papa penguin works for a law firm in IT and I am now a full time mummy and childminder. Pre Sept 2012 I was a part time Office Manager for a construction company and the only way to do my job was to be organised. Oh and I'm a geek on the computers!

We've both grown up wanting to be parents and both respect our parents for the way we were brought up. We love the word FAMILY!

I decided to write a blog mainly to give me something to do and to keep my computer skills up to scratch.  I also wanted to record our weekly going ons, share my meal plans and routines.  I went with the blog title The Organised Penguin because I love penguins and everyone tells me I'm always really organised!

I love structure to my day, I like making plans in advance.  I hate being late and I hate letting people down.

Money wise we just about keep ourselves above water but it means we can't have fun.  So becoming a childminder meant I can earn some extra pennies.  That way we can buy more boxes to put all my thing in!!!!!

October 2012

May 2014

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